Rojo y Negro Tango photographs


At Rojo y Negro, we provide a number of services in addition to classes and events. What follows is a list of the most common requirements we have fulfilled over the years:

  • Weddings; first wedding dance choreography and preparation for the big day
  • Choreographies; fully developed and trained choreographies for your special event
  • Parties; birthday party, hen party or just a friendly get-together party, with a lesson and a performance
  • Corporate events; lessons for a group of employees, bonding exercises
  • Exam preparation; we take you through the prescribed Tango curriculum in preparation for your exam
  • Actor preparation; preparation of actors for a Tango dance in the script
  • Invitations; invitations by other dance schools nationally, small groups in towns with no Tango schools, dance holiday organisers, etc.
  • Performances for any type of event
  • Teacher training
  • And many more customised services

If you or your company are looking to do something new and fresh, contact us, and we can arrange a package suitable to your needs.