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Welcome to Rojo y Negro

Welcome to Rojo y Negro club, the home of Argentine Tango in London.

Rojo y Negro is a name that has been synonymous with Tango in London for the past 10 years. Based in Central London, Rojo y Negro initiated numerous people into the wonderful world of the Argentine Tango, and has been the school of choice for many of London's Tango dancers, performers and even teachers. Our beliefs and values are encapsulated in our mission statement.

Rojo y Negro is your dance destination to:

  • Learn to dance the Argentine Tango—with group lessons 4 evenings every week, you can't miss out
  • Check our weekly schedule of group lessons for times and types of lessons and workshops
  • Take private lessons as your fast-track route to learning the dance
  • Purchase beautiful Tango shoes to turn every head in the room
  • Immerse yourself in the music of Tango, as dancer or connoisseur, played live at our venues by exciting Tango bands
  • Gain complementary dance and body training through contemporary dance (including contact improvisation) and other techniques

In addition to our regular events and classes, we organise special workshops, performances and other events with great names in Tango, bringing you new flavours and styles of pure Tango, as well as Tango with influences from other dances and techniques.