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About the tuition

Why should I chose your classes?
You will get a lot of individual attention and be appropriately corrected and given exercises to practice to help your own personal development.
We don't have a commercial approach to teaching, based on learning choreographies, but teach you the language of Tango so you can feel free to express yourself. By being able to improvise, you will be dancing Tango the way it is supposed to be danced—in an improvised way, and not as a choreography.
We teach you to dance with style, as you are representing our school that prides itself on the best teaching methods, honesty and generosity in teaching and high standards.
We prefer to work with intensity on a smaller group of dedicated students, than on a large group in a commercial way.
We teach you technique to a professional level, from the beginning, as is taught in ballet, for example.
You will be able to realise consistent development in a few weeks.
Our teaching is based on knowledge gained from dance training from other disciplines.
We cover every possible topic thoroughly through an annual programme. If you attend the whole programme, you can be guaranteed to reach an advanced level of dancing in record time (usually this takes 5 years).
Is one class per week sufficient to progress quickly?
No, as it is easy to forget what you learn. In addition, body memory develops faster if you practice at least twice a week.
Is it recommended to take classes with different teachers?
Normally not, for many different reasons. It is important, however, to visit as many classes as possible to chose the right teacher in the first place.
If you are looking just for fun, and a commercial and crowded class, a technically-minded teacher is not suitable for you, and vice versa.
Our advice is that in order of things (and because of the nature of the dance), technique comes first, and then lots and lots of fun will follow.
If you do it the other way, you will just end up with lots of bad habits which might be even impossible to fix for many years to come.
It is worth investing time in learning Tango as an art form, and not just as a fun activity. You will achieve more grace, a higher level of self-esteem, and let's face it—more admiration from your dance partners.