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About the classes in general

Do I need a partner to attend the class?
No, just turn up, with or without a partner, at any of the classes.
If I go to the class on my own, will I find a partner in the class?
There are always enough partners of the opposite sex to practice with, but we can't guarantee an even number.
Do we change partners frequently in the class?
Yes, unless you have your own and request the teacher not to change you. We do, however, recommend that you change partners in any case, as you will learn to respond to a different lead. Dancing with only one partner can sometimes lead to you adapting to his or her bad habits. It is also advisable to change partners to increase the socialising aspect of the class, and Tango in general.
Is it possible to choose whether to lead or follow in the class?
Normally, you will learn a bit of both anyway, especially in the technique classes. When we learn complex figures, we try to stick to the male/female roles, unless the lady is at an intermediate or advanced level, and does not mind trying to learn some leading skills.
How important is it for the follower to know leading skills?
It is important to understand the basic principles which you will learn during technique classes. It is not important to actually know how to lead all the figures.
How important is it for the leader to know how to follow?
It is extremely important. We encourage leaders to try all the moves as a follower, whether with the teacher or with another leader.
How are the classes structured?
The classes are divided into two parts; technique and figures.
Should I attend the first session (technique), second session (figures) or both?
Start by taking the first lesson. The teacher will then advise you if you should take the second session, according to your level.
Do I need to book in advance for any classes?
No, just turn up with appropriate footwear (see our footwear recommendations).