Rojo y Negro Tango photographs

Tango Shoe Boutique

We have prepared a gallery of some of our amazing shoes for you to see in our shoe gallery.

Red and black shoe

For years, you have been clamouring for shoes worthy of dancing in. Either it is impossible to get Tango shoes in the UK, or what is on offer is not glamorous enough for our beautiful dance.

You have ordered shoes through a catalogue or over the Internet, from a faceless company somewhere far away. Your shoes arrive and they are not what you wanted—they are uncomfortable, not as beautiful as they looked on the web site, or worse yet, they simply don't fit.

Simply put, foreign suppliers are inadequate for your needs—they don't concern themselves with your custom, it is unimportant that they ran out of the advertised material, so you are given shoes that aren't what you ordered. Worse yet, they only had the size smaller than you requested, yet they do not flinch at sending (and paying postage for) the wrong sized shoes, on a wing and a prayer...

Silver and copper shoes

Others merely use their reputation to sell shoes you can't see. It seems that counting pesos is what many of the suppliers are in business for.

We have been importing hand-made Tango shoes for many years, and have amassed a collection and reputation as a company that looks after you. There is no need to fight with a shoe manufacturer, as we take the responsibility of ensuring that only the exact shoes you ordered, in your size and desired heel height arrive at your door.

Turquoise shoes

Our collection consists of Tango shoes ranging from simple practice shoes to the most astoundingly decorated shoes produced. When you see how much love has gone into the shoes, from the straps (t-bar, loop, spiral, ribbon, and others) right down to the heels (glossy black and coloured, with glitter shapes, intricate webbing and colour gradients), quick-release straps and wonderful materials, you will understand why so many ladies and gentlemen are buying our shoes.

Whether you buy off the shelf, or request customisations to your pair of shoes, we will insulate you from the stress of fighting with a supplier in another language, and inform you of the progress of the shoes—if they are being made for you specially—or will quickly deliver shoes from stock in Argentina.

Black and white men's shoes

Seeing our shoes in London at The Union Tavern, where we exhibit them, is highly recommended for anyone living in or near London. If you are unable to visit us personally, contact us with your size and preference, and we will send you a list of available shoes.

Unfortunately, due to the manufacturer's rapid changes in models, range, or colour, material and heel style, it is impossible for us to keep an updated on-line catalogue for you to browse. For this reason as well as to establish your exact requirements is why we recommend that you visit us or contact us by email or talk to us on the phone.