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Gift ideas

Surprise a special person with something unexpected, show them you care and made an effort with a present that will delight them. When you buy any of our gifts, you will be sure that your purchase will be lovingly and tactfully presented, and trust that we will look after them.

As an ideal present, a taster of the wondrous world of Tango, you can give your person (or couple) our beautiful gift certificates for private classes or group lessons.


If you would like to give a Tango gift, but would like to customise one of these packages, or would like to suggest something else, such as a party, performance or a taster lesson for a small group, and would like to know if it is possible, please contact us with your proposal, and we can arrange your special request.

Purchasing a gift certificate

When you purchase, you will be required to create a Google account, if you do not already have one. Please ensure you allow Google to send us your email so that we are able to contact you. After your purchase, we will contact you to confirm the details of the individual's name or the names of both people in the couple and prepare a gift certificate for them. If you have a special message, we will include that in the certificate, and at your preference, we will either email the certificate to you to present, or we will email the recipient directly with the certificate. If you have any other preferences, please indicate these to us at that point.

Private Tango lesson gift certificates

The recipient of a private lesson gift certificate is entitled to the purchased number of hours of private Tango tuition. They will need to contact us any time after receiving the certificate to book a private lesson, or lessons. Read more about our private classes for more information.

Group lesson gift certificates

The recipient of this gift certificate is entitled to any two hours of regular weekly group lessons per evening, on any evening (including practica and milonga after class). Check our weekly group lessons for more information.