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Learn to dance Argentine Tango - Beginners

We have answered the call of beginning Tango dancers everywhere, and have produced a Beginners Tango DVD. Now you can start learning the Argentine Tango from the comfort of your own living room.

You can practice Tango even if you can't make it for lessons regularly due to work or travel arrangements, and can use the DVD to strengthen specific points of technique between classes. You can even use this DVD to try the Argentine Tango before committing yourself to lessons, and it will serve you long after you have taken the plunge and have begun taking them.

This is the first in a series of Tango tuition DVDs, and concentrates on anyone who has not done any Tango or dancing before. It will gently guide you through the fundamentals of Tango, and will slowly build up on those, step by step, followed by clear demonstrations. All the moves are filmed at multiple angles so you can change your viewpoint if necessary.

Utilising the latest in technology, this production has been fully filmed, produced and released in High Definition (HD) format, so you will enjoy a crystal-clear presentation from start to finish. You will fully appreciate the value of this when trying to understand every part of a movement, without the fuzziness and lack of detail present with other DVDs.

The DVD is capped off by a demonstration at the end, showing you how easy it is to combine all the ideas from the chapters in a number of different ways, and is your start on the path to understanding the all-important Argentine Tango skill of improvisation.

  • Running time: 75 minutes
  • DVD release date: 3rd December 2007
  • Teacher: Bianca
  • DVD features: HD, multiple viewing angles

The DVD has had a number of glowing reviews, the following are some we've received:

…I have already been learning Tango for nearly 3 years but still found your beginner DVD most interesting. It is very well demonstrated and beautifully described. Congratulations!

J. Sims

…I think it is absolutely excellent. …I found the instructions provided there to be clear and helpful.

P. C.

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We apologise, but we're out of stock of the DVD at the moment, so you can't buy it through us.

You might, however, still be able to buy the DVD on-line through Amazon, if they have stock.