Rojo y Negro Tango photographs

The Logo

The design of the Rojo y Negro logo is Bianca's creation. It was inspired by the old-fashioned decorative technique fileteado, still very popular in Buenos Aires and especially characteristic for the artistic downtown area of San Telmo. As it is a very time consuming technique, it is now less and less practiced and is unfortunately gradually disappearing.

Fileteado is a type of artistic drawing, with stylised lines and flowered, climbing plants typically used in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is used to adorn all kinds of beloved objects...

Wikipedia, Fileteado,, 2008

Completely departing from the accepted norm of graphic design on computer, the Rojo y Negro logo was a labour of love for Bianca, who painstakingly designed and painted it on a 1 metre by 1 metre board.

Original painted logo-oil paint on board-2001

This logo has metamorphosed a number of times over the years, changing with the times and demands.

The following format dominated the Rojo y Negro web-site until 2008.

Modified abstract logo-used on web-site until 2008

A small step towards a more modern image, used since 2007.

Modified abstract logo-used variously, 2007-2008

The logo has become more abstract and modern of late, with several notable changes, such as the inclusion of a less retrospective typeface.

Current logo, 2008-