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About Bianca


Bianca is one of the leading teachers, performers and choreographers of Argentine Tango in the UK, based in London. Bianca has formally studied dance for five years, and holds a degree in Dance from Middlesex University. Her dance studies include different techniques of Contemporary dance (Graham, Cunningham, Humphrey, Release), Ballet, Choreography, Afro-Cuban dances, Tap, several forms of Flamenco, Salsa, Latin dances etc. She has also studied acting for 3 years.

She loves researching any form of movement and is frequently trying alternative and more challenging movement forms; Currently, she is studying synchronised swimming and aerial techniques (including trapeze and hoop).

Alongside her dance and movement studies, gifted with a lot of musical talent, after studying piano for many years, she has in the last 3 years been composing music for her first Tango album for a Tango quartet; She is currently producing it and it is to be launched in May 2013 at the 5th Tango Rojo Arts festival.

Bianca and Tango

Bianca started to learn Tango in 1995. Since then, she visited Buenos Aires regularly, to study both follower's and leader's roles and to enjoy the original culture in which this beautiful dance form florished.

Her most profound studies in Buenos Aires were undertaken with one of the most well-known masters and researchers of Argentine Tango—Gustavo Naveira—who appears in the film The Tango Lesson. However, Bianca has also done a lot of individual research into Tango and over the years, Bianca has developed her own meticulously structured method of teaching, also informed by the wealth of her general knowledge and experience in dance and other related disciplines (Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrais and Alexander Techniques). She launched this method of teaching in 2000 under the name BTango, when she started to teach in the contemporary dance school The Place in London. In 2007 Bianca produced her own first beginner DVD that follows her method. More DVDs are planned to be produced in the near future.

Bianca first started teaching as an assistant in 1997 but since 1998, Bianca has started to teach on her own and with variety of partners, following her own method of teaching. Since then, she has taught thousands of London students through group classes, workshops and courses, and has organised many events under the banner of Rojo y Negro, her Tango school, a name that was launched in 2000. She has pioneered teaching structured Tango courses in London and is a teacher at City Literary institute and Bishopsgate institute since 2001. She was also invited as a guest teacher at Middlesex University and Laban, both prestigious dance schools.

Bianca had (since 1997) partnered in teaching and performing many Argentine professional dancers of different styles, both in the UK and abroad, including Federico Guerin (Paris), Diego Calarco (Buenos Aires), Mauricio Castro (Buenos Aires), Hector Villalba (Buenos Aires), Ismael Ludman (Buenos Aires) and Juan Manuel Acosta (Buenos Aires), Pastor Jurado (Buenos Aires), Maximiliano Paradiso (Buenos Aires), grande Pibe Avellaneda (Buenos Aires), and many others.

Since 2006, Bianca has been partnering Sacha (see photos in the gallery) and has danced with him in many events in the UK. They have together produced the beginner Tango DVD in 2007 and more DVD-s will be produced soon.

Bianca and Sacha are very busy running the popular Rojo y Negro Tango school which offers up to 5 weekly evenings of lessons, monthly special events and, once a year, the biggest event of the year, the amazing TangoRojo festival of Tango Arts, now in its 5th year (